Single Biquad RC FPV Antenna MACH 1.2GHZ Wireless Booster Long Range USA


Includes: 1 (One) Double BiQuad Antenna with 5 Foot extension cable SMA Male connector, tripod is also included. New design resulted in 30% range increase. Much thicker cable has very little loss now.


  • Single BiQuad ‘Mach 1.2GHZ’ 
  • This  Bi Quad Antenna is specifically made to be used with a transmitter at 1.2ghz and it has SMA connector.
  • Dimmensions 220mm X 110mm for optimum performance.
  • This is much better then others and a lot cheaper.
  • You will get one  BiQuad antenna with 5 foot SMA  cable only as seen on the picture and nothing else.