200 Meters RF Coax Coaxial Connector Adapter RG316 BARE cable NO CONNECTORS USA


 Includes: 1 (One) Very Low Loss and High Quality 200M (656 Feet) RG316 Coax Cable for all your RF applications. If you buy multiple quantities you will get multiple bundles of cable.

  • Brand new and high quality. Very low loss RG316 Coax cable.
  • Can be used for many projects like Yagi, Cantenna and biquad.
  • Connector: NONE – Only Bare Cable is included.
  • Braided Silver Coated Center Conductor.
  • If you need connectors please contact us, we offer all types of connectors for RG316.
  • Suitable for wireless LAN and WiFi routers projects.
  • Length – 656 Feet (200 Meters)
  • Max Frequency – 3Ghz
  • .100 Inch in diameter, very nice cable (2.5mm)