N Type Female Plug Clamp RG58 RG142 LMR195 RG400 RF Coax connector


Includes: 1 (One) High Quality N Type Female Clamp for LMR195 coax cable. Highest quality unit.

  • Brand new and high quality. Create your own LMR195 cable with N Type female connector.
  • Unreasonable offers will be¬†ignored.
  • Very easy to assemble and will last a life time.
  • Great for any project that requires use of N connector with low loss LMR195 cable.
  • Compatible with all N connectors (50oHm)
  • This is a commercial series N Connector.
  • One N Female (inside screw and female pin) and the other side is for LMR195 cable with a clamp. If you are not sure what you need please contact us.
  • 50 Ohm up to 6Ghz
  • >1000 times mating life time.