WiFi Antenna MACH1GA Double Biquad Wireless Booster Long Range GET FREE INTERNET


Includes: 1 (One) Double BiQuad Antenna with integrated 802.11g Network adapter on a Tripod.

If you need Dish BiQuad  for our Dish BiQuad Model. 

If you need Stand Alone BiQuad  for our Dish BiQuad Model ‘Mach 3’

To view our full line of BiQuad antennas .

  • This is best used with a laptop or a desktop. USB2.0 only required for this to work.
  • Double BiQuad ‘Mach 1NG’ stand alone unit. Integrated G Network card is included with 8 foot usb cable. RALINK RTL8187L chip set.
  •  to download drivers.
  • Heat Sink is pre-installed.
  • This Double Bi Quad Antenna is specifically made to be used with any laptop or desktop with USB2.0.
  • Dimmensions 220mm X 110mm for optimum performance.
  • This is much better then others and a lot cheaper.
  • You will get one Double BiQuad antenna with 8 foot USB cable that attached to integrated G network card.
  • E-mail me with any questions you might have about the antenna.
  • The picture is exactly what you will get.
  • Works on Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • If you are not sure what you will need for this to work please contact us any time.