WiFi 8dBi Fiberglass Ant+ ALFA R36 + N Netw High Speed Booster GET FREE INTERNET


Includes: 1 (One) 8dBi Long Range Omni Directional Fiberglass Antenna with 20 Foot cable RP-SMA Male connector and Alfa R36 router plus High Speed AWUS036NH 2000mW B/GN Network adapter in retail package. Will work on any computer with USB2.0 (Windows/Mac/Linux).

This package enables you to connect to a FREE HOT SPOT with in range using Alfa N Network card and then share the connection with all your WiFi units (Smart Phone/Tablets/PCs) using R36 router! Best when YAGI is mounted outdoors like roof of the house. Comes with brackets for poll mount.


  • 8dBi Long Range Omni Directional Fiberglass Antenna + ALFA R36 USB/3G Router + ALFA AWUS036NH – HOT SPOT MODULE. This is a complete set and requires nothing else to work.
  • This 8dBi Fiberglass Antenna is specifically made to be used with any network card or router that uses RP-SMA connector (Alfa Network card is equipped with RP-SMA).
  • Dimmensions 23 inches long for optimum performance.
  • This is much better then others and a lot cheaper. Fully tested and tuned for optimum performance.
  • You will get one 8dBi Fiberglass antenna with 20 Feet RP-SMA cable as seen on the picture and one Alfa Long Range AWUS036NH B/G/N Network adapter SEALED in retail box.
  • Brand New Alfa R36 USB/3G router comes in SEALED retail package.
  • Includes 1xRouter, 1x5dBi antenna, 1xPower Supply and 1xCD manual.
  • Brand New Alfa Network 2W adapter comes in SEALED retail package.
  • Includes 1xNetwork Adapter, 1x5dBi Antenna,  1xUSB cable and 1xCD.
  • Supports B/G/N networks. Single Band 2.4gHz.
  • AWUS036NH is top of the line Network Adapter manufactured by Alfa Networks.
  • Even though it doesn’t have same range as AWUS036H but it does have triple the speed.
  • Alfa Network Adapter comes with CD that has drivers for Windows/Mac/Linux,
  • The picture is exactly what you will get nothing else.