2dBi 6dBi 7dBi 9dBi Dual Band Antenna Mod Kit Linksys E2000 & WRT320N NO SOLDER


Includes: High Gain Antennas (2dBi, 6dBi, 7dBi or 9dBi depending on your choice) and U.Fl cables. Please look at our antenna diagram to determine which antennas will work best for you (last picture in the gallery).

  • This Mod Kit offers a way to modify 2 or 3 internal antennas to 2 or 3 high gain external antennas. 
  • Antenna length 9dBi S1 – 15 Inches extended and 14 inches folded
  • Antenna length 9dBi S2 – 15.5 Inches extended and 14.5 inches folded
  • Antenna length 7dBi – 10.75 Inches extended and 9.8 inches folded
  • Antenna length 6dBi – 7.5 Inches extended and 6.75 folded
  • Antenna length 2dBi – 4.5 Inches extended and 3.5 folded
  • This Mod Kit is for Linksys WRT320N and E2000.
  • Requires NO Soldering for neither 2.4 or 5Ghz band.
  • Instructions will be e-mailed to your paypal e-mail in .pdf format, please check your SPAM folder.
  • Routers support DD-WRT
  • Tools required for the mod: Hand drill, and small wrench.