WiFi_Expert EXTREME 9dBi 2 Antennas Cooling FAN HEAT SINK Mod Kit Linksys E2000


Includes: 2 (Two) High Gain Antennas (2x9dBi by default) and 2 (Two) U.Fl cables, 2 of them RG178 clip on with IPX connectors. You will also get cooling fan and heat sinks. You can leave a note with any combination antennas that you prefer for the same price. Please look at our antenna diagram to determine which antennas will work best for you (last picture in the gallery).

  • Please note this mod kit requires technical knowledge and is meant for Experts only!
  • This Mod Kit offers a way to modify 2 internal antennas to 2 high gain external antennas. In addition you will get cooling fan and heat sinks as seen on the pictures.
  • Antenna length 9dBi_S1 – 15 Inches extended and 14.5 inches folded
  • Antenna length 9dBi_S2 – 15.5 Inches extended and 15 inches folded
  • Antenna length 7dBi – 10.75 Inches extended and 9.8 inches folded
  • Antenna length 6dBi – 7.5 Inches extended and 6.75 folded
  • Antenna length 2dBi – 4.5 Inches extended and 3.5 folded
  • This Mod Kit is for Linksys E2000/WRT320N ONLY. You can get this for WRT400N and E2500 also.
  • Linksys E2000 Doesn’t require soldering on 2 antennas but it does require soldering on the Cooling Fan.
  • Instructions available at wifirfexpert.com
  • E2000 supports DD-WRT
  • Tools required for the mod: Hand drill, soldering gun and small wrench.